Leading with Courage

1. Be a courageous leader
As your mayor I will be courageous. A courageous leader listens, is willing to be challenged and is open to new ideas, even when they differ from her own. A courageous leader takes risks and innovates, even when people say, “That’s not possible,” or “We’ve never done it that way before.” One of the things I’ve noticed in my term on Council is there’s a certain satisfaction with the status quo. The City does things in a particular way because they’ve always been done that way. This keeps us stuck. A courageous leader is willing to take bold action to move the City forward and get the best for our residents and businesses.

COMMITMENT: Listen to you and tell you the truth

  • Ongoing: Listen, be open and seek your input on a regular basis. Welcome a diversity views, even when they differ from my own. Respond with curiosity and generosity when confronted with differences of opinion. 
  • Ongoing: Convene residents and business owners in time-limited, focused advisory committees to work with me on key issues as they arise including the City’s approach to public participation, parks, transportation, economic development and more.
  • Ongoing: Convene town hall meetings at City Hall on a regular basis on topics of interest and concern to residents and business owners.
  • Ongoing: Talk straight and tell you the truth. Be open and transparent about the challenges we face. If something isn’t going well at City Hall, I’ll let you know. Regularly and proactively update the public through weekly media appearances, ongoing contact through social media, and a Mayor’s door that is always open.

COMMITMENT: Act boldly with resolve and determination

  • Ongoing: Ensure that Council is making evidence-based decisions that take into account the expertise of City staff and the knowledge and wisdom of the public. Make sure that Council has all the information needed in order to make courageous decisions in a timely manner.
  • Ongoing: Keep the long-term, big picture in mind. Make decisions for the greater good of the majority of Victorians for the long term.

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