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Starting a new business or expanding an existing one is hard work, in and of itself.

When the guys at Wheelies Motorcycles on Rock Bay went to City Hall to get their idea off the ground, they got stuck in so much red tape that they asked me, as a councillor, to help them out. While I was glad to lend a hand, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to personally help every business person in need. City Hall needs to do a better job of delivering its services to citizens and entrepreneurs alike.

Therefore, as your next mayor, I will work with council to do the following to make it easier for everyone to get the services and help they need from City Hall, as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that they can help build a better Victoria for everyone:

  • Appoint a Mayor’s Economic Development Cabinet to advise the development office with people who understand both the city’s processes and the private sector. Set clear timelines and measurables for growing the economy. Monitor and report success. Start-up funding for this office will come from the City’s Economic Development Reserve Fund.
  • Make City Hall open for business. Create an Enterprise Facilitator position in the Economic Development Office to support people who want to open or re-locate a business in Victoria, with special attention to start-ups and young entrepreneurs.
  • Create and implement a regional economic development brand and plan. Work with mayors from across the region to establish a Mayors’ Caucus with a focus on regional economic development. Develop a shared understanding of the roles that economic development agencies and Chambers of Commerce play in regional economic development. Leverage the strengths and assets of each municipality – this will lead to the whole region being more than the sum of its parts.
  • Develop a business plan for the establishment of a business incubator downtown in partnership with the University of Victoria, Royals Roads University, and Camosun College. The incubator would have a specific focus on social enterprises (both for-profit and non-profit), as well as green and clean technologies, which support leading-edge business innovation more generally.
  • Support the technology and tourism sectors by continuing to build a vibrant downtown with businesses that provide top-notch goods and services. Work closely and collaboratively with Tourism Victoria and others to promote Victoria as a destination market that provides authentic, meaningful experiences to tourists. 

Read more about my plans to improve City Hall and how I want to help build a prosperous downtown and vibrant neighbourhoods.

ThankAndrew for your videography skills via Dodd’s Eye Media.






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