Volunteer Victoria Stepping Up Big to Coordinate Helping Hands

For those who want to stay right up to date with what’s happening in the City on COVID-19, please join me daily on the City of Victoria’s Facebook page at 2:30pm. And please share this link and information with your friends and neighbours. We’re getting lots of emails with lots of questions and we’ll do our best to answer them and keep you and the media up to date with these live daily updates. I’ll also post the videos here from now on. This video is my address from Friday We’ll be back Monday at 2:30pm.

Today I had Mary Warner, a sign language interpreter arranged by Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre join me. She will now be interpreting my daily addresses. Thank you Mary!

Yesterday we saw the first two COVID related deaths on Vancouver Island. Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of the two people who passed away.

News from the federal government

This morning, the Prime Minister announced $100 million dollars to meet urgent needs food security needs across the country, to improve access to food for Canadians facing social, economic and health impacts of COVID-19. In addition he noted that the Canada child benefit that was scheduled for May will be sent out a month earlier, and GST credits will roll out sooner than scheduled.

News from the provincial government

Yesterday the province announced a new Economic Recovery Task Force to respond to emerging needs and to plan for the longer-term economic recovery that will be needed in the wake of COVID. The task force is made up of cabinet ministers, senior government staff, representatives from business, labour, First Nations, and the non-profit sector. I’m glad to hear that there is a dedicated team looking at this. We also look forward to the addition of some representation from Vancouver Island on the Task Force.

In addition, following yesterday’s announcement on emergency financial aid for students, today the Province is providing an additional $1.5 million to supplement the Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund, which assists Indigenous students who are experiencing an unexpected financial emergency that may affect their ability to finish their studies.

Students who access the emergency funding do not have to repay it. Indigenous students can contact the Indigenous Student Service Centre on campus, which will help with the application process to receive the financial assistance.

News from the City

BC Housing has been working hard this past week along with community partners at the Coalition to End Homelessness. As of today, 102 motel rooms have been filled by people who were previously sleeping outdoors. BC Housing continues to look for more options to move folks inside where they can stay healthy and safe. This is a good first step, but as Dr. Richard Stanwick the Island Health Medical Health officer advised on our daily call today, the goal is to get everyone inside. This is important for the health vulnerable populations and the health of our community.

News from the community

I’d like to tell you today about the important work Volunteer Victoria is doing right now. They have a roster of trained, vetted volunteers working hard in so many ways. They’re helping families who can’t get out with chores and other tasks. They’re helping people get to medical appointments. And they’re helping when people just need someone to talk to.

As we’ve all seen, Victoria is really coming together and if you’re interested in volunteering got to Volunteer Victoria. We’ve heard from so many people with extra time on their hands who want to help out others in their community. Volunteer Victoria is the way to get connected. If you need help, please also go to Volunteer Victoria.

At the end of another long week, and on behalf of myself and Council please be in touch and let us know how you’re doing. Please hang in there. And please, this weekend, reach out to someone who could use a phone call or an e-mail. It is so important to stay connected. It what will get us through.




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