Hold me Accountable

My commitment to you: As your Mayor, I will work with you to create a Victoria where there is always an opportunity for everyone to prosper. I will ensure that Victoria plays a leading role in the sustainable development of the region. Sustainable prosperity means that we all have what we need to live a good life, that businesses are thriving and supporting community, and that we steward and enhance our natural environment for generations to come. Sustainable prosperity is possible when the City supports opportunities, fosters innovation and gets with the times.

Cities around the globe are light years ahead of Victoria in adopting leading edge practices in everything from green building to economic development, to affordable housing to sewage treatment. I will take a leadership role to move Victoria to the leading edge. I will lead with courage, openness and a clear vision. Together, we will make City Hall inviting and dynamic – a place that works hard, and works for everyone.

Read my full 2014 Platform here:

✔ A City of Opportunities
✔ A City Hall that Works
✔ A Prosperous Downtown & Great Neighbourhoods
✔ Leading with Courage

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