“I’m Right and You’re an Idiot” – April 9 Lunch Time Lecture at City Hall


Are you discouraged about the state of public dialogue? Do you want to be inspired and learn about how to move past this way of relating? Join us for the April 9th Lunch Time Lecture at City Hall as James Hoggan talks about his book and the process of writing it.

Just as we pollute the natural environment we pollute the public square, not with chemical toxins but with our warlike approach to public conversations.

Passionate public argument is healthy, but unyielding one-sidedness undermines the pluralistic, reasoned debate at the core of healthy democracy. The middle ground disappears, problems seem unsolvable and people turn away from public discourse.

Best-selling author and communication expert James Hoggan interviewed thought leaders around the world to learn how to transform this social pathology and engage in higher-quality public conversations.

The series is free and open to the public. Hoggan’s lecture is Monday April 9th from 12-1pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. Bring your lunch and join us! And please share with your friends and neighbours who might be interested too.




2 responses to ““I’m Right and You’re an Idiot” – April 9 Lunch Time Lecture at City Hall”

  1. mary Avatar

    James Hoggan’s talk today was very mind-opening. It was a full-house today, the free coffee was really good. They had to put more chairs at the back for the people standing.

    This is what I learned today: I like when he said that one of the important things about communication is being a “deep listener”…”a compassionate listener”.

    He said it is important when communicating with other people, especially between polarized groups, that we “do not argue to punish”, but “argue for the truth”. Sometimes people argue to win the argument and lose track of the main issue at hand.

    (I printed out the Blog for this Talk, and put it on the bulletin board of my condo over the weekend. I hope some people went from my building.)

    1. Lisa Helps Avatar
      Lisa Helps

      Thanks Mary. I agree. It was such an inspiring talk!


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