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Last week I had the pleasure of standing with Megaphone vendors during their annual “Big Sell” event in downtown Victoria. I joined the vendors on Douglas Street and saw first hand how hard they work and how vulnerable you have to make yourself in a business like street vending.

“Can we interest you in a Megaphone by donation?” I’d call out. Most people would just simply keep walking, sometimes without even acknowledging that we’d addressed them.  I wonder how it feels to experience this day in day out?  It felt so good when someone would stop and buy a paper and offer a kind word and a smile. Participating in the Big Sell event gave me a deep appreciation of the courage and tenacity of Megaphone vendors.

Megaphone is a magazine sold on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria by homeless and low-income people. Vendors buy the magazine for 75 cents and sell it for $2, keeping the profit and earning a sense of pride and dignity.  To start a business as a Megaphone vendor, low-income and homeless individuals need to complete a sales training session and are then provided with 10 complimentary magazines and the necessary gear to get started. Megaphone staff provide any necessary support to ensure vendors run a successful business.

Vendor Week

The Big Sell event was part of the International Network of Street Papers Vendor Week celebration. It’s an is an annual celebration of the 10,000 street paper vendors around the world. Each one of these men and women – in 35 countries – is using their local street paper as a way to work themselves out of poverty.

During the first week in February, the international program of events, activities and social media action pays tribute to their hard work, as well as challenging perceptions of poverty and homelessness.

You can find out where Megaphone vendors sell in Victoria by using the mobile vendor finder app Please support them!



6 responses to “Megaphone – Change that works, one newspaper at a time”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    I thought that you needed a permit/license to sell goods on Victoria streets? I recognize that these people are trying to improve themselves and not just begging, but shouldn’t the rules apply evenly to everyone?

  2. Lisa Helps Avatar

    Look closely at the chest of the vendor I am standing with; he has a city permit pin.

    1. Andrew Avatar

      It was your pin that I was referring to 🙂

      Thanks for drawing attention to this magazine, I will purchase a copy the next time I am downtown.

      1. Lisa Helps Avatar

        ? Ah ha! I was an interloper that day to be sure. Thanks for supporting the vendors.

  3. jagworksdesign Avatar

    Just wondering if Mayor Helps has set up a meeting with Victoria’s fire & police departments for my discount I want to give to emergency services like she said she would

    Rod Mack

    1. Lisa Helps Avatar

      Yes I passed on your info. I will make a personal intro if that helps.


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